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November 20, 2009

Amy Winehouse spent £35,000 on a breast enlargement but she clearly doesn’t think enough people have noticed. Emerging last night from her favourite Camden haunt, the Hawley Arms, the singer allowed her pink bra to burst out from beneath her tight white vest. While exposed lingerie is usually considered something of a faux pas, the […]

The Sad Saga of Amy Winehouse

October 13, 2008

Here in pictures we can see the sad past 7 years of Amy’s transformation and what drugs do to a body and face.  From high school to now!  See Amy’s life in pictures. PLEASE GET HELP AMY!  This is so sad.

Amy Winehouse eats Cocaine Cotton Candy?

October 13, 2008

Amy Winehouse cuts a tragic figure with her drug ravaged features but her latest exploits have seen her hit a new low. Ms Winehouse has a $1400 Cotton Candy machine into which she reportedly sprinkles cocaine before whipping up the sweet treat – her ‘coke ‘n candy special’. Killer treat: Amy Winehouse, seen here in […]