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Otep Shamaya’s Guilty Pleasure – Ghost Hunters

Otep Shamaya LOVES the Sci-Fi series, GHOST HUNTERS!  In an excerpt from a recent interview, Ms. Shamaya says watching GHOST HUNTERS while on tour is one of her favorite things to do on the bus. Her entire band enjoys the show.
When not touring, Otep says she still makes a point to watch the show as the hosts strive to either prove or de-bunk alleged hauntings. “When they do find something, it is unbelievably exciting to see!” says Otep, “They give us an insight to the possibility of life existing on the other side.”

You can catch GHOST HUNTERS on Wednesdays at 9pm EST on the Sci-Fi Channel.  Hosts Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson lead the investigations and Steve Gonsalves is the technology manager and evidence analyst.

Jason Hawes created The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS, with fellow plumber Grant Wilson.

Image by Kevin McGuire

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