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OTEP New Cd Cover released and Track listing!

A brand new OTEP track, “Rise, Rebel, Resist”, is available for streaming on the band’s MySpace page. The song comes off the Los Angeles-based group’s fourth full-length studio album, “Smash the Control Machine”, which is scheduled for release on August 18 via Victory Records.  Look closely at the new cd cover, it is not what it appears to be!

“Smash the Control Machine” track listing:

01. Rise, Rebel, Resist
02. Sweet Tooth
03. Smash The Control Machine
04. Head
05. Numb And Dumb
06. Oh, So Surreal
07. Run For Cover
08. Kisses & Kerosene
09. Unveiled
11. Serv Asat
12. Where The River Ends
13. I Remember

Singer, songwriter, renegade Otep Shamaya says of the album, “The economic crisis is hitting every working family in this country. The album and its title track, ‘Smash The Control Machine’, will lay bare the greed and corruption that fostered this calamity, but will also focus on the undying spirit of the working class that always fights the good fight. The title is a line from a William S. Burroughs poem. It is my intention to create an album that serves every head of the hydra that is OTEP. From poetry, to politics, to shock and awe, to sex and righteousness, to standing up and fighting back. Like the mystical symbol of the Ouroboros (the sacred serpent swallowing its tail) all things will be brought back to circle.”

OTEP‘s all-encompassing musical approach coupled with her shaman like artistic qualities and other creative musings have lead to over half a million albums sold over the course of three studio albums. Shamaya describes the band’s music as “a total and complete mutiny on the senses. We are a fusion band by nature, inspired by many styles and tones from a variety of musical genres- rock, punk, metal, hip-hop, spoken word, jazz and classic rock. We never allow the antiquated limits of a genre confine or restrict us. Our music is universal and does not belong nor can it be contained in a nice, neat, little box.”

STCM OTEPOTEP was originally signed after only four shows, without a demo, strictly on the power of the band’s live performance. Sharon Osbourne offered the unsigned act on the 2001 Ozzfest tour, leading to three appearances on the festival.

Shamaya, is well respected for her lyrical content and dramatic live performances. She has also published two books of poetry, spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, is a gifted painter and Revolver magazine compared Otep to Woodie Guthrie and Zack de la Rocha (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE) for her fusing of political activism and music.

In addition to lending her support to numerous groups and causes (some being the genocide in Darfur, women’s and artists’ rights, marriage equality, the war in the Congo and support of President Obama), Ms. Shamaya, an accomplished, captivating and astute technophile, has started the social networks All Shapes and Sizes and Girls Out Now. On December 21, 2008 she created a popular and highly trafficked blog entitled “I’m Not A Monster”. The site was an instant success and a reliable source for current events and her latest musings. Her loyal and passionate fan base are active followers of her frequent Facebook and Twitter postings. Coupled with Victory‘s proprietary marketing and promotional platforms (VicTorV, VictorStream, VictoryMetal and VictorME) a truly interactive and real-time artist/fan/label fusion has been realized for selling music in 2009.

Story and Photo source: Victory Records


3 Responses to “OTEP New Cd Cover released and Track listing!”

  1. ………..This album is going to be insane. Otep brodcasts the Rehearssals sometimes. 4 new songs off of the new album— on the tour set list i believe. #1 Smash the control machine, #2 Rise, Rebel, Resist. #3 Run for cover, the 4th song no ones knows the title of yet. But it sounds fucking amazing!

  2. This album is definitely epic! I love it, just like their others.


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