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Update! OTEP plays 3 Festivals during STCM tour!

otep band pic

Otep Shamaya’s new tour will include a stop at 2009’s WOODSHOCK!

August 14-15, 2009 in Bellefontaine, Ohio! 13 years of peace, love and rock ‘n roll! 2 days of camping and 2 days of music!!

OTEP headlines with (hed) p.e. !

Next on the festival stop will be “Rock the Ink”, a music and tattoo festival with projected attendance of 10,000, which OTEP has been chosen to headline. The festival will be held in Providence, R.I. August 21-23, 2009.


“The Ultimate Tattoo and Entertainment Festival featuring top tattoo artists, bands & dj’s, celebrities, attractions, contests, and much more”


And the 3rd Festival of the tour is BUMBERSHOOT in SEATTLE at the Seattle Center, Sept 5th-7th.  OTEP plays at 8:45 pm Saturday 5th according to Bumbershoot’s schedule.

The Seattle Center, a 74-acre park located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest to find a festival that has it all. Bumbershoot, as the name implies, umbrellas a number of artists from different genres representing the best in music, film, comedy, theater, spoken word, dance, visual, performance and literary arts.

Originally funded by the city of Seattle, the year 1971 marked the beginning of the Bumbershoot tradition, known then as The Seattle Arts Festival. In 1980, One Reel, a local non-profit arts and entertainment production organization was invited to produce the Festival. They began ticketing the event in order to invite world-renowned artists along with the finest the Northwest has to offer, and introduce a variety of new artistic outlets to the program. Today, Bumbershoot is one of the largest music and urban arts festivals in the world.

See all OTEP tour dates:


One Response to “Update! OTEP plays 3 Festivals during STCM tour!”

  1. They’re also doing the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle on September 5th!

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