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Balfour refuses lie detector test!

Sources say William Balfour is still denying the heinous crime of murdering 3 of the Hudson family members.  Citizen Celeb reported earlier our exclusive information from our authority, a retired Deputy Sheriff, who believed from the beginning more than one person committed these crimes.  Now that news is out about a drug raid at the Hudson home in 2002, the fact the weapon was found and why is Julia Hudson still keeping Balfour on her Top Friends on her Myspace site?  Maybe she believes he didnt do it himself.

Our source says he believes Balfour was involved, whether he personally committed the crime is unclear, however, the shootings seem ‘gang related’ and possibly retaliation connected.  Both Jason Hudson and Julian’s father were arrested for cocaine related charges in 2002. Balfour is allegedly in a neighborhood gang.  Time will tell and the facts will come out.  Story is still developing…..but people tend to point fingers quickly at someone with a past record and Balfour may be one of the main suspects.

We wonder if it was just an occurrence of very bad choices of associations and revenge taken out on the wrong people.

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