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Hudson murder suspect: William Balfour

Balfour’s story just isn’t adding up!

Authorities are saying the case is mounting against William Balfour, the man police sources have targeted as THE suspect in the murder of three in the Hudson family.

Check out the Chicago Sun-Times for new information from Balfour’s girlfriend, her home is where he was arrested.  She has contradicted Balfour’s alibi and police have caught him in other discrepancies.

Authorities have been tracking Balfour through his cell phone records.

A neighbor says a man he believes to be Balfour was seen pulling up to the girlfriend’s home around noon on Friday, he got out of the car “carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquor,” and was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt.

Forensics will be all over this case, checking out the SUV, the Hudson home and Balfour’s clothes.  The sooner this case is completed, the sooner the healing can begin for the Hudson family.

One Response to “Hudson murder suspect: William Balfour”

  1. I can’t believe William Balfour’s stupid mother on Nancy Grace. “Oh my poor son. Everybody is just lyin’ about him. He never attempted to murder anybody ever before. That man he stoll the car from just shouldn’t tried to stop him from stealin it. He jumped up on the car. Damn he shoulda just let him steal it. Don’t Ya Know he just a poor innocent littl’ baby. All he ever wanted was to just join some gangs, and sleep with all kinda girls. They was just all up in his business.”

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