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UPDATE! Hudson Family Murders: SUV found with body inside

Chicago police have now found the white SUV with a body of a child inside the vehicle. Officials found the SUV on the west side of Chicago, near the home of Balfour’s new girlfriend and where he was picked up by police on Friday.

The SUV has been removed from the location now by officials.  Neighbors say the SUV was there for the last 3 days.  Why they didn’t notify police is unsure as they said it was not a vehicle they had ever seen in their neighborhood.

Officials are investigating whether the body found is Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, Julian King. The medical examiner has not yet made an ID, but we are told the body is that of an African American boy, approximately the same age as Julian.

Our hearts go out to the Hudson family.

Photo: TMZ

Police are also saying that neighbors of the Hudson family actually heard the gunshots that killed Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother at approximately 9 a.m. on Friday, however, they did not report the gunshots as it is a usual occurrence in the Inglewood area.  Very, very sad.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the mother of this child.  Of course, everyone is mentioning Jennifer Hudson due to her fame, and she is the daughter and sister of the people killed, but we must not forget Julia Hudson, the other daughter and sister and the mother of the child who has been missing and may have been found dead this morning.  Julia, we are all praying for you, too!

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