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Update: Child found in Hudson SUV shot multiple times!

Officials now saying the body found in the SUV is believed to be Julian King, Julia Hudson’s son and Jennifer Hudson’s nephew.

The Chicago Tribune cites law enforcement officials who are saying the child was shot multiple times while he was in the back of the SUV.  The SUV with the body still inside was moved to the police garage. The forensic department is testing the clothing of the suspect, Balfour, for gunshot residue.

Our retired Deputy Sheriff expert says, “I believe the suspect took the child while still alive and shot him in the vehicle, due to the boy’s size and height compared to the suspect plus the evidence found in the SUV. Or someone else involved took the child to the vehicle while the shooter was committing the murders.  I still believe two suspects were involved in this crime.  Domestic violence is the worst call an officer wants to respond to as it results in the highest and most violent cause of death at the scene.”

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