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UPDATE! Exclusive Information! Hudson family murder info!

Citizen Celeb Exclusive!

A retired Deputy Sheriff tells Citizen Celeb, “The result of this killing indicates there were possibly two shooters involved.  Reasons being, one victim was shot numerous times in the head and the other victim in the upper torso.  Also, if the victims were found in two different areas of the residence, this may also indicate two shooters in the slayings. I do believe due to the numerous gunshots a ‘crime of passion’ did occur usually meaning a family member or someone emotionally involved perpetrated the crime.  And, if the stolen Suburban is still not located this would possibly indicate there may be a second party involved in the shootings. Unfortunately, I do not believe the child will be found alive. He is old enough to be able to identify the killer or killers.”

An emotional Julia Hudson just stood in front of the media and begged for the safe return of her 7-year-old son, Julian King.
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Julia, standing next to Julian’s father Greg King, told reporters how the Hudson family was holding up, described her last moments with her son and explained that Julian would respond the nicknames “Juicebox” and “Dr. King.”

Julia also said she was the one who told Jennifer about the terrible string of events that took the life of their mother Darnell and brother Jason.

source: TMZ

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