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Exclusive: Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, Julian, updated photo!

Story developing!

What a horrible nightmare for the Hudson Family!  It is said Jennifer Hudson’s sister, Julia, may have been the one who found their mother dead when she came home from her shift as a bus driver on Friday.  William Balfour is Julia’s husband and step-father of the missing 7 yr. old boy, Julian.

You can see from their myspace sites they were a very close family indeed.  Please help find Julian!  There are more pictures on Julia’s myspace site.    Print them out and help put them up in stores and anywhere they will be seen!

Please keep the Hudson family in your prayers, and find little JULIAN!!!!

more up-to-date photo of Julian


Seems like she could foresee the arrest of William, course he had just got paroled, so that may be why she put his name there. William Balfour has not been charged YET, just held for questioning.  Apparently there is someone else involved in this horrendous situation!!

This is from Jennifer’s sister Julia’s myspace site:

List 10 of your best friends.
1:: MOM
9:: KITA
10:: SHANA
Out of these 10…
Who makes you laugh the most?: LANITA
Who is the most attractive?: JENNIFER
Who is the most talented?: JENNIFER
Who have you known longest?: MOM
Who would fit in best with your family?: JEANEEN
Who do your parents know the best?: JENNIFER AND JASON
Who do your parents like the most?: JENNIFER AND JASON
Who do you know the best?: JENNIFER
Who knows you the best?: JASON
Who do you admire most?: MY MOM, WHAT A WOMAN !
Who is most likely to get arrested?: WILLIAM

Citizen Celeb Exclusive: William Balfour’s myspace site:

One Response to “Exclusive: Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, Julian, updated photo!”

  1. I can’t believe William Balfour’s stupid mother on Nancy Grace. “Oh my poor son. Everybody is just lyin’ about him. He never attempted to murder anybody ever before. That man he stoll the car from just shouldn’t tried to stop him from stealin it. He jumped up on the car. Damn he shoulda just let him steal it. Don’t Ya Know he just a poor innocent littl’ baby. All he ever wanted was to just join some gangs, and sleep with all kinda girls. They was just all up in his business.”

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