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Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother shot to death, nephew missing

Police in Chicago have confirmed that William Balfour, 27, is now in police custody, and is suspected in the double-homicide of singer-actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother today. Balfour is also suspected of abducting Hudson’s nephew, his step-son Julian King, age 7. An Amber Alert has been issued for the child, who is 5′ tall, 130 pounds, last seen wearing a tan polo shirt and khaki pants. Balfour is refusing to tell authorities where the boy is. Balfour is supposedly on parole for attempted murder and car theft.

Balfour is married to Hudson’s sister, Julia.  Some sites say Julia is the one who found her mother and brother on her return home from work Friday.

William Balfour’s myspace site is linked in Julia’s top friends as FLEX.  Brother Jason is linked in her top friends as Jason.  (For some reason the link to Jason’s myspace on Jennifer’s site is a non-functioning page.) Apparently Julia’s birthday was Thursday!


Jennifer’s myspace site is filled with condolences and prayers. is Julia’s myspace site

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Jennifer Hudson’s mother was one of two victims shot and killed in Chicago earlier today.

A neighbor tells TMZ the other victim was Jennifer’s brother Jason. A cousin who lived nearby discovered the bodies.

We’re told the two bodies were found dead on the scene at 2:44 PM. When the fire department arrived and discovered the bodies, police were brought in and the home was declared a crime scene.

A call to Hudson’s rep was not immediately returned.

UPDATE 6:40 PM: An all points bulletin has been issued for Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew (pictured below) who may have been taken from the scene. Police are looking for 1994 white Suburban with the license plate X584859.

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