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Powell endorses Obama for President

WASHINGTON — Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell’s endorsement of Senator Barack Obama on Sunday represented his own transformative moment in a lifelong journey through war and politics.

Brendan Smialowski/Reuters

Colin Powell, on “Meet the Press,” said it would be up to the next president “to fix the reputation that we’ve left with the rest of the world.” Mr. Powell’s Obama endorsement was seen in part as a way to reshape his own legacy.

It was not only an embrace of a presidential candidate from the other party, but also an effort to reshape a legacy that he himself considers tainted by his service under President Bush.

The endorsement, which came after months of conversations between Mr. Powell and Mr. Obama on a wide range of foreign and domestic policy issues, made clear Mr. Powell’s dismay at the Republican Party. He said he felt that the party had become too conservative under Mr. Bush, and that Senator John McCain’s campaign was not good for the country or its reputation around the world.

In that sense, his remarks further stirred the brewing debate about the nature of the post-Bush Republican Party.

“I have some concerns about the direction that the party has taken in recent years,” Mr. Powell told Tom Brokaw on “Meet the Press” on NBC as he made his endorsement of Mr. Obama. “It has moved more to the right than I would like to see it.” In recent weeks, Mr. Powell added, “the approach of the Republican Party and Mr. McCain has become narrower and narrower.”

Source: NYTimes

One Response to “Powell endorses Obama for President”

  1. I find it disturbing that the Republican’s have still not figured out that what they are experiencing is a complete rejection of their tactics. Americans are not interested in their hate filled, racist rhetoric. The attack on Collin Powell was the deal breaker for me, proving that they do not support our troops. They only support their agenda and those that support their agenda. The bottom line is that there is so much greed involved with the current economic system that without government intervention and regulation there will be no more employee benefits four years from now with Republican’s in power. It’s not rocket science it’s common sense and McCain has shown very little of that this entire campaign.

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