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Amy Winehouse: someone HELP HER!

Here we see Amy Winehouse before drugs and after drugs!

WHAT a difference heroin and cocaine can make in a person’s appearance!!


amy winehouse

5 Responses to “Amy Winehouse: someone HELP HER!”

  1. if this isn’t insentive to not use drugs i dont know what is

  2. Amy is a skank. She has the ability to make her own choices, and she has made them. She has chosen to be a crack and heroin-addled piece of trash. She’s just a piece of trash with money, that’s the only difference.

  3. that poor girl. she could be so much better.

  4. What a SHAME! This is the first pic I’ve seen of Amy before drugs. She was a beautiful woman. Now it’s almost too late. Someone PLEASE save this talented lady before it’s too late!!

  5. wowowow u was really pretty what did u get on that made u lik that lol cus i wanna try sum!!!!

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