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W Magazine – Angelina Breast Feeding

Photographed by her partner, Brad Pitt, Angelina never looked more lovelier than in this photo.  She looks so happy and fullfilled.  Just like all mommies.

source: W Magazine

4 Responses to “W Magazine – Angelina Breast Feeding”

  1. GOOD FOR ANGELINA! Its about time that people can see a celebrity nursing her babies! Not only 1 baby, but that she nurses her twins. She obviously knows whats best for her babes! GO ANGELINA. Keep the nursing up

  2. I love Angelina. But I do question your comment that all mommies look happy and fulfilled. I beg to differ.

  3. Breast feeding?
    How disgusting!
    We need hard soldiers. Breast feeding is only for suckers.
    Vote for me and not for That One!
    Thank you for your support.

  4. God, even breastfeeding, and probably not sleeping for days, she’s absolutely stunning. I feel inadequate.

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