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FOX “Freakout” Over Unretouched Palin Photo On Newsweek Cover

Sarah Palin has a mustache? Just one of the regular folks, like all of us? YEAH! Then why touch up her face? She is what she is, like the rest of us folks. Come on, what’s the big deal? She isn’t running for Mrs. America guys! Gee whiz, FOX sure loves the Republicans and seems to despise the Democrats. Oh yeah, thats the way it is, oops!

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2 Responses to “FOX “Freakout” Over Unretouched Palin Photo On Newsweek Cover”

  1. The McCain campaign bristles and cries foul when subjected to any criticism or analysis that doesn’t candycoat and serve up their version of reality. We are now living with the results of buying that conservative version of reality for 8 years. Every single facet of this country is in the crapper and our grandkids and great-grandkids will still be sorting out the mess when we’re long gone. Conservatives had their shot for 8 long years. It’s time for them to step aside and time for the country to try a new approach. What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked.

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