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Otep Shamaya speaks out about Palin!

From Otep Shamaya’s official blog:

“Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin attacked Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s experience as a community organizer stating that her experience as a mayor outweighs his because being mayor of 9000 people had “actual responsibilities.”

Ignoring the tremendous flaws in this line of disparital thinking such as while she was auditioning for a job as an ESPN sportscaster, Obama was getting his Harvard Law Degree …. OR ….. that most volunteers that help feed the homeless or attend to the poor and sick and disabled have more on their plates in a single DAY than an Alaskan mayor of a city of 9000 has in a year.

But a rather astute viewer replied last night, noting Palin’s faith, the fact that she is being touted as the Christian Right’s candidate, and that she is a Governor and Obama was a community organizer:

“Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

Check. Mate.

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