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Dave Navarro’s Spread TV

The talented Dave Navarro hosts his very own Internet T.V. talk show – Dave Navarro’s Spread TV.

The show is an hour-long talk show in which Mr. Navarro interviews celebrities and authors such as Gene Simmons, Otep Shamaya and her band OTEP, Margaret Cho, Moby, Elvira, Perez Hilton, Neil Strauss, Daisy De La Hoya, Pauley Shore and others.

The show is very conversational.  Dave doesn’t prepare questions for guests.  People come on and talk about what they want to talk about. Dave has a great knack for talking and he can elicit great conversations out of people.

“The goal initially was to put together a show that could be seen by people on the Internet and we have achieved that goal,” Mr. Navarro said. “I’ve already done TV and with the Internet there is no FCC regulation, the show goes into instant-on-demand so if you miss a show you can check it out immediately following and see pretty much any show you want. And we have the final say in terms of who is on the show with guests and such, and as a result we have become good friends with a number of interesting people and have gone on to work with then and be personal friends, while hopefully entertaining people. And that is good enough for me.”

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