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Daughtry Feels like the First Time!

(Chris Polk/FilmMagic)

Ok Magazine reports: Rock sensations Daughtry have gone political with a cover of “Feels Like the First Time” for CNN’s League of New Voters initiative. Fans can catch the music video today on Campbell Brown: Election Center, as well as on video on-demand. The single will also appear on Daughtry Deluxe, due out Sept. 9.

“We strongly believe it doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as you vote,” says lead singer Chris Daughtry.

The song was a hit in for Foreigner in 1977, when it was featured as part of CNN’s voter initiative, and helped launch their career.

“Daughtry’s version of the song is very cool and has more than captured the essence of the original,” says Foreigner’s Mick Jones. “I am delighted that the song will be used in this critical initiative.”

One Response to “Daughtry Feels like the First Time!”

  1. CNN, and cable TV in general, didn’t exist until 1980. So I doubt CNN launched Foreigner’s career.

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