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Taylor Swift on success!

Taylor Swift is one busy girl.  Besides a booming music career and a part in the Hannah Montana movie, the 18-year-old star just finished signing autographs for eight hours.

“I think the most memorable story [I heard] was when somebody said when they were going through a breakup, your song motivated them to get back in the game, and they give you the credit for that,” Swift says.  “Or they heard my song and picked up a guitar and started writing songs and now have a way to channel their emotions.  Things like that really move me.”

The blonde beauty, who tells OK! that when she does have down time she likes to paddle out on a surfboard to a cove on the lake near her home in Tennessee, says she recently treated herself to a custom tour bus (rumored to cost $1 million!)

“It was rather expensive,” she confesses, “I’m not sure that it was quite $1 million but it was pretty up there.  I got a custom-made tour bus with a fireplace, a pull-down treadmill, all kinds of cool stuff.  It’s got hardwood floors.”

She adds, “I had to have it because that’s what I live on .  The majority of my time is spent on the road, and when I’m out there you want to be comfortable and feel like you’re home.”

Taylor, who first started writing songs when she was twelve, says she often uses music as a way to channel her own emotions.  Some might even call it a rebellious side.

“I think everybody has a little bit of rebellion in them, but for me, it comes out in my songs,” she says.  “My rebellion is writing a song about a guy and putting his name in a song.”
So who would Taylor’s dream duet be?

John Mayer!” She exclaims. “He’s got such a unique voice that people would definitely be able to tell that it was him on the track.”

Source: OK Magazine

One Response to “Taylor Swift on success!”

  1. can’t believe she is so young and doing so good! she is so talented

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