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Madonna “HOT” Couture Tour

Madonna has asked Givenchy to design outfits for her upcoming world tour.

The French fashion house has confirmed its head designer Ricardo Tisci will be creating Madonna’s wardrobe for her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ shows. Givenchy spokeswoman Caroline Deroche-Pasquier revealed Givenchy Haute Couture has made the 49-year-old pop superstar two outfits.

It is believed Madonna will wear one of the Givenchy ensembles when she opens the show. Tisci, who is renowned for his gothic influence and use of dark fabrics, is delighted to be working with Madonna.

He said: “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to offer the world of Givenchy Haute Couture to Madonna the Icon, the Artist, the Woman for whom I have so much respect and admiration.”

The first outfit – said to have a ‘Gangster Pimp’ influence – features a black satin coat trimmed with jet beads and a black satin waistcoat with a corseted back.

Tisci’s second creation – which has a ‘Gypsy’ theme – consists of a long hooded taffeta cape with a fuchsia lining and a black dress with multi-coloured ribbons and pink metal chains. It is not yet known if other designers will be dressing the ‘4 Minutes’ singer during her tour.

Madonna’s ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour kicks off at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, in Wales, on August 23.

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  1. WHO is going to her concert!!???! !!!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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