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Beyonce – newest Fall 2008 Dereon ad

Newest publicity shot for Deréon from Beyonce.

House of Deréon is named after Beyonce’s grandmother who was a brilliant seamstress. Her grandmother taught her mother Tina Knowles and Tina has been designing Beyonce’s clothes ever since.

Beyonce Knowles fashion choice is daring yet glamorous and is making way for a new style in the fashion market. Tina Knowles, mom of superstar diva Beyonce is the action behind all the glitterati flair. The House Of Dereon honors the woman who worked as a seamstress for a living and started Tina’s love of fashion. The mission of these fashions is to fuse celebrity power and design artistry into a brand of global importance … a house of aspiration and inspiration … where entertainment and fashion merge seamlessly. Beyonce has been quoted saying, “To me, this is the greatest way to enter into the fashion world. “Sold at Solis, Macy’s and other Federated stores, the line will be a denim collection that includes jeans in the $100 – $150 range. This line has been inspired by three generations of women who have joined together in a labor of love. It is named after Tina Knowles’ mother and Beyonce’s grandmother. The Knowles women have described the fashion line in three words, Kick, Couture and Soul.

Tina Knowles says, “We just didn’t want to slap a name on clothes. We wanted something Beyonce would be happy to wear. This is a serious fashion line. With a powerhouse team of designers including Heather Thomson Schindler to back up the fashion Diva’s style that can be worn everyday, the line has a broad target market – ages 13 to 40 – with a look that blends Beyonce’s style with the elegance and sophistication of couture. It’s fashion that’s attainable,” says Tina Knowles.

Knowles points out that 10 percent of the House of Dereon proceeds will go to charities such as the Bread of Life program for the homeless at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Houston.It’s no doubt that this new line will go far.

The House of Dereon is fanatic about perfect fitting and everyday style.

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  1. love Beyonce

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