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Otep on MSNBC – Rallying her troops!

Hard Rock Frontwoman Otep Shamaya Continues to Spread the Message of Activism

Forms Largest Team to Date on; New West Coast Dates Announced on “Secrets That Kill” Tour

updated 4:30 p.m. CT, Wed., July. 23, 2008

NEW YORK, NY – Otep Shamaya, the powerful singer and brainchild of the group OTEP, continues to engage her fans not only with her powerful music and message, but with her fierce dedication to activism.

Shamaya has recently become involved with, a web-based activism platform offering people a fun, simple and social way to have an impact on climate change. The site was designed to empower people on a massive scale and band together in team challenges to reduce CO2. Shamaya created her Rally team, and within 48 hours, the team grew to 200 members — the largest team on the site!

Carbonrally CEO Jason Karas says, “OTEP’s leadership and the participation of her fans is a fantastic example of many people working together for a positive outcome. The passion of the OTEP community is clear through their actions and comments on the Carbonrally site. This team — now over 600 strong — will certainly inspire others to take action, reduce CO2, and be a positive force against climate change.”

Otep Shamaya adds, “I am so proud of our supporters who have dared to care and get involved. I am honored to work with Carbonrally and am grateful to have a platform such as this. The earth belongs to all of us. What we do to Her, we do to ourselves.”

Shamaya also finds time to be a vocal and committed activist for such causes as Equal Rights, Victims’ Rights, Darfur, Hurricane Katrina, Myanmar, Rock The Vote, PETA, RAINN, and her own organization, All Shapes & Sizes.

All Shapes & Sizes ( was created to empower and educate people (all shapes and sizes) to trust and accept themselves. Otep’s song, “Perfectly Flawed,” was written to celebrate the message that the organization was created for.

Otep Shamaya, the frontwoman of hard rock group OTEP, is making a name for herself outside of music. Singer, Activist, Actress, Writer. She has filmed segments for several top-rated TV shows, including HBO’s “DEF POETRY,” Bravo’s “DATE MY EX” and most recently TLC’s hit show “L.A. Ink.” Otep is also one of the most searched celebrities on pop culture sites such as

Her provocative video for “Crooked Spoons” continues to be seen on MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball.” The video features rising actresses Brittany Snow (“American Dreams,” “Hairspray,” “John Tucker Must Die”) and Candice Accola (“Juno”). Additionally, Shamaya has become a featured celebrity blogger for the MTV network, and her weekly blog continues to be one of the most popular features on the site.

The band OTEP will hit west coast on its “Secrets That Kill” Tour on west coast tour dates with special guests DROID (Emotional Syphon Recordings) and fellow KOCH Recording artists ANEW REVOLUTION:

July 30   - BOISE, ID - THE BIG EASY
August 05 - MODESTO, CA - FAT CAT

More dates to be added shortly.

ALSO! Two new OTEP tracks can be currently downloaded on iTunes: “Special Pets” and “Necessary Accessories.” These tracks were previously only available on special versions of The Ascension.

OTEP has sold over 450,000 units to date, and continues to convert the masses to her gospel of art and activism on a daily basis.

Check out the movement at: or!

68 Responses to “Otep on MSNBC – Rallying her troops!”

  1. I LOVE OTEP!!!!


  3. WOO OT3P IS THE BESt!!! <333

  4. i love otep. shes an inispiration to all her fans

  5. She is an amazing woman, she’s so strong! Otep has been a favorite band of mine for a while…before they became so popular. I’m so proud of them ^_^

  6. I love everything Otep does and I stand behind them 100%!


  7. Awesome woman, Awesome ideas.
    I’m so glad people are seeing her true for, finally.
    For all the fans who have always got her message:
    “We understand the points she is making, no one better to out-reach to, than the youth of the world.”

    Congrats OT3P,

    You will not be disappointed. Join the movement!

    Reno, NV

  9. undeniably the voice of a generation. so well spoken but so sadly misunderstood. STAND UP, SPEAK OUT! I LOVE YOU OTEP


  11. i love otep! #1 fan!


  13. Credit where it is deserved.


  14. YAY!I love otep,especially because of Otep Shamaya.She is so dedicated to everything she does.She is the most inspirational person i have ever heard of.GO OTEP!!!

  15. Awesome.Otep rules!Theya re my favorite band.

  16. Otep is definitely much more than “just” a musician. She’s one of the few celebs who is truly honest… and actually cares.

    It’s not an act.

  17. Ot3p is one of the GREATEST bands EVER!!!!! They deserve the best and all of their accomplishments!! And Otep Shamaya is KICK ASS!!!=]

  18. Otep is a goddess. I love her music and her ideas.

  19. Hell yea Otep rocks !!!


  20. OT3P Shamaya one of the most kick ass women EVER!!! SS4L

  21. I fuckin love OT3P! Just seen them at the boardwalk! Shamaya is the greatest, and i’ll always support them!

  22. Fuck yeah, Otep is the epitome of what people should be like.


  23. I love you Otep Shamaya
    keep doing what you do
    I’m so glad this is happening


  25. as usual Otep has done something that has inspired the masses to get pu and do something. I to say the least am inspired.

  26. Otep Shamaya is inspirational and, in general, amazing. I am a member of All Shapes & Sizes, and though I’m not a member of the “Green Team” I have been working with it a little (kind of hard to drop something straight up).

    Just go to one of their concerts, you’ll be mentally and emotionally blown away. She means every word, you can tell. I can’t wait to buy their new DVD when it comes out so I can experience the depth and emotion of their concerts daily, even though it will only give a small insight to how their concerts really are.

    SS4L ~ TKK

  27. P.S. Please add to the list of their websites. It gives insight to how things are on the road and at home for them.

    SS4L ~ TKK

  28. Otep saved my life. Its unbelieveable how amazing she really is, and how much good she does for our society. I hope every dream she ever had comes true. I will love her and her band until my dying days. shadow soldier for life.

    in art & arms.

  29. OT3P rocks the house, great sound and personality live, awesome lyrics an feeling on the albums.

  30. I think Otep has been my favorite singer/band since her very first album. Its really good to see people finally noticing how amazing she is, and i love that shes actually taking the time to help out. Its really refreshing to hear someone as influential as a musician say “im daring to care. Come help out”. And Im so proud of what she is doing. Keep it metal. Keep it real. Much Love!!

  31. I think Otep has been my favorite singer/band since her very first album. Its really good to see people finally noticing how amazing she is, and i love that shes actually taking the time to help out. Its really refreshing to hear someone as influential as a musician say “im daring to care. Come help out”. And Im so proud of what she is doing. Keep it metal. Keep it real. Much Love!!


    I can’t wait to see you and the band again destroying our senses in Cleveland!

  33. Otep FTW!

  34. OTEP is amazing! Such passion, such energy! inspiring.

  35. More & more Otep is evolving into the all encompassing artitst, activist, leader & destroyer….. that she always has been.

  36. hellsyah!!


  37. I got to see Otep in Spokane. It was amazing!!I love Otep!

  38. OTEP is without a doubt the most inspirational band of our generation. He energy and dedication is far reaching to all. Not only is her music a message to the rest of the world but her attitude to the cause that she is so faithfully dedicated to shows us what we are all capable of. Rock on OTEP FOREVER!

  39. Otep is the best in the world and we adore her! She’s put so much into everything and I love her for it. She’s not only a great musician and amazing artist but… she cares, too! Go Otep!

  40. Otep has and will always be an inspiration to those of us who are proud to be perfectly flawed.

  41. OTEP has changed my life I now know it is ok to STAND UP SPEAK OUT! I am a surviver of abuse and Im only 16 but OTEP has helped me so much Ill support her no matter what!

  42. yeahh!! ot3p 4 life!!
    she’s such an inspiration. . .
    for everything!!
    G0 0T3P!

  43. Otep has come such a long way. They are making a change in the world. Otep Shamaya is my here.

  44. *hero

  45. In a landscape that was so full of the fake and the botched, OT3P has given my daughter (as well as myself) a role model with a strong voice, creative mind, and beautiful soul. She is true to her convictions and we praise her for it!!

  46. OT3P continues to be a unstoppable artists and role model for everyone who hears her music. I’m proud to support such a truly amazing and important role model in my life.

  47. Otep Shamaya is an amazing, caring woman. Her talents span from writer, poet and artist to activist. The role models our kids have to look up to today is appalling. Otep stands out like a bright beacon. She not only speaks for today’s generation but has a message that applies to all and we need her spirit and energy today more than ever.

  48. Sevas tra.
    Sevas peto.

  49. She is my HEROIN no one can beat Otep!

  50. Otep is a strong woman with a fierce mind and she does many great things to help out instead of sitting by and watching as most often do.

    Kudos to her.

  51. We Love Otep =] and everything her & her band stands for!

  52. Hell yes she is the only celeb that isnt fake. MAKE HER MORE FAMOUS

  53. I read the whole article and it makes me very happy to see my favorite idol rise not only with music but helped me believe that everyone is not always perfect, we have balanced minds and we can also rise ..I am gonna do my best to help as best as I can!!!

  54. Otep is amazing. =)

  55. OT3P !!!!! The screaming voice in my head that tells me im not alone. Thank you from the depths of my perfectly flawed soul

  56. OTEP is the path.

  57. Otep is one reason im still alive and kicking. SS4L

  58. couldn’t find the passion in myself to take action and support the things i believe in, till Otep’s amazingly strong passion got to me through her shows, her vocals, her committment, and her beauty!
    i love otep!
    thank you for all you do for all of us, and our different shapes and sizes!

  59. Otep not only makes some of the best music around, but she truley cares about her fans. Its refreshing to see her reaching out to people in a business where so many other artists are only concerned about their paycheck.

  60. The most brialliant person alive!

  61. I’m by your side OTEP!!

  62. Otep has been, and continues to be a huge insparation to me. I got to see them live at Jaxx’s and it was totally incredible.
    Art Saves

  63. Otep deserves so much more recognition!i love you pump my nads!xox

  64. OT3P is a beautiful woman, inside and out! she rocks! you go girl!

  65. I will always have an unending support and love for OTEP.
    Sevas Tra*

  66. Otep is one fucking amazing woman. The music she and the band creates is inspiring and therapeutic. The energy they put into their shows when they’re touring is incredible. I went to a show back in May, and I’d been going through a lot of personal hell and when I got in front of that stage and let the music fill me, I felt so free. I swear, at that concert I felt more myself than on many other occasions. Keep it up!

  67. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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