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Lisa Marie Presley Pregnant With Twins

Lisa Marie is expecting twins and here she is proudly showing off her tummy in a new photo spread for the September issue of Marie Claire that will hit stores August 12th.

She talks about about some of the unflattering photos of her being displayed on the net:

“You know what I think when I see those fat photos? I am not going to let them control me. I just let it all hang out. You want to look at me? Go ahead and look.”

She went on to discuss the hype about her weight gain:

“I am 5′ 3,” she says. “If I gain five pounds it shows. I am trying to grow another human being,” she adds: “Besides, I’m 40! I’m lucky to even be able to do this.”

These babies will be the first for her and her new hubby Michael Lockwood and are due in the fall. She is already the mom of two teenage children, Riley, 19, and Benjamin, 15, with ex Danny Keough.

She seems content when she says:
“I am in a happy place now, but it took a lot to get here. I wasn’t always who I am now.”

One Response to “Lisa Marie Presley Pregnant With Twins”

  1. She looks gorgeous!

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