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WHO ya gonna call??!!

GHOSTHUNTERS!!! According to Jason Hawes’ myspace profile:

Scifi channel orders 5th season of Ghosthunters series!

Ghosthunters returns with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson in September with 13 more 4th season episodes they are currently filming. Plus a live show at Ft. Delaware on Halloween 2008.

The best news is Scifi also ordered 26 more episodes for their 5th season 2009 and another Halloween live show!

Jason and Grant thank all their fans for making this possible and taking the paranormal from an interest to a movement!

60 Responses to “WHO ya gonna call??!!”

  1. Thanks for resigning these great guys who is out for truth!!!! no lets see about cancelling the phonies out there and putting these guys on more…. Thanks for searching for the truth guys and not making it a show but making it a documentary that is backed by solid evidence

  2. AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Whoooohooo!!!!! I Love this show…can’t wait until the new ones air… i watch the Reruns all the time lol

  4. Awesome! I never believe any rumors on the net unless they come straight from the source! Don’t know what I would do without my Ghost Hunters fix!:)

  5. I am a huge fan along with my family and all of my friends. What these guys do is awsome.For those who think they are loosing there minds when somthing goes bump and who the heck was that lol they show the poeple that not everything is paranormal and can be explained weather its what they want to hear or not . No matter what the out come it is done with respect and care. Thank you GH for helping all the peolpe to come around and see what is out there in the world with us. Big love and cant wait till next season!!

  6. yeah that show is great they just need to get rid of ghost hunters international

  7. No, thank you Jason and Grant for all you do. Not every orb is a ghost and there IS a scientific way to explore the paranormal. Thanks for opening our eyes. U ROCK!!!!

  8. Their fans thank them for being Hawesome and Grantabulous!!

    Congrats guys 🙂

  9. This is a no-brainer. Ghost Hunters is one of Sci-Fi Channel’s biggest hits. I’ll be watching every night, just as I always have.

    And MAJOR Kudos to TAPS for being such cool guys and keeping use educated as well as entertained!

  10. Oh yeah!!!! WTG guys!!
    This is my FAVORITE SHOW ON TV!! Jay and Grant and the TAPS team bring such validation to the paranormal world!! They are honest, determined and fun, to boot!!
    I am so happy for them getting signed for a 5’th season!!
    They aren’t Sci-Fi’s top-rated show for nothing!! 😀
    Congrats to the entire TAPS team!!
    Can’t wait for the second half of season 4 to start in September!!

  11. I’m glad they’ll be back!! GH is my all time favorite show. The paranormal is a field that has received too much skepticism. It has been treated as a psuedo-science. Now GH is bringing credibility to the field and exposing it to mainstream America. Maybe now they will receive the recognition they deserve! Keep up the great work guys!

  12. yay! wednesday nights without jason and grant would be so …..boring. Ghost Hunters is the greatest and it’s the only paranormal show i watch because all the others are so very cheesy!

  13. Hell Yeah!!! LOVE these guys and the show. Good Job guys, you deserve this. Maybe there will be more season in the future. LET’S KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED.

  14. Soo very awesome! Although- I know nothing about people thinking ya’ll we’re cancelled.
    Great Ghost Hunting!

  15. This show is the only thing I plan to watch every week and will not miss an episode. Can’t wait for the next season, TAPS rocks. 😀

  16. very exciting but too long to wait for the new season! 🙂 thanks go out to these guys for showing the world that there’s more to paranormal investigation than mists and ectoplasm!

  17. I am so glad that they ordered another season and all that. I can’t wait until the new episodes start to air, I haven’t had my fix in awhile, lol.

  18. This is great news after all the rumors of the show being cancelled. It will be great to see new GH shows!!!!

  19. I am so excited that this show will be coming back again and again and again!!!! Very down to earth people and extremely truthful findings….No hocus pocus with TAPS!!! What you see is what you get!!!!

  20. OMGosh I can not wait till Taps is Back on! Thank god for DVR and all I have recorded! I couldnt survive a Wednesday night without TAPS!!! Love you guys!!

  21. Thank you so much. And thanks to Jason and Grant (and the rest of the team) for representing paranormal research professionally and respectfully. We love the show in Indiana, keep up the good work guys!

  22. YESS!!!! My Wednesdays were forever changed when Ghost Hunters aired.

  23. This is awesome news! My husband and I love the show…and my 9-year old son is quickly becoming a fan. Can hardly wait, guys!!

  24. I am so *stoked* for the return of T.A.P.S. and Ghost Hunters!!!!
    Best damn show on SciFi, hands down.
    Love the show, love the guys!!!!!!

  25. hey that is great news… I can’t wait to see the new shows.. this is my families all time favorite show.. this is the one show that we make sure we are home to watch.. Jay and Grant and crew are the best in the field.. can’t wait for this years Halloween show at Fort Delaware.. That is going to be one great show

  26. Ghost Hunters rocks my world. What can I say? Life wouldn’t be the same without my Wednesday nights spent obsessively watching Jason and Grant. Ghost Hunters should only be canceled under the orders of Jay or Grant; keep going until they say stop!

  27. Thanks for squashing the “Ghost Hunters is canceled” rumors! These guys (and their entire crew and Team) are giving more and more credibility to the subject than ever before!! Thanks ya’ll.


  29. IM so glad you are keeping these guys on the aitr……. best damn show around!!!!!!!!

  30. now if they would JUST get rif od ANDY on GHI I dont liek him he is weasly looking…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  31. WoooHooo. Never believed the rumors from the start. No way SciFi would pull one of their top rated shows.

    Patiently waiting for the start of the new season!

  32. Yeahhhhhh!! I love this show and am excitedly awaiting the new episodes. These guys have done an awesome job and its the reason SCI FI is watched more than any other in my house!

  33. Good! This is the only tv show that I watch regularly. Wednesdays would be nothing without it!

  34. That is Hawe-some!
    Way to go Jason and Grant! Can’t wait until the new season!
    Keep up the great work!
    Be Safe! xoxo’s

  35. I love the approach they take when investigating the paranormal, truly investigating and debunking so what’s left makes us wonder…yes, indeed now this could be paranormal….And I think their sincerity comes thru along with a great sense of humor and fun…..I for one am thankful they will be around for well…hopefully. many more seasons!!!

  36. Thank goodness you guys are back. No more Ghost Hunters the world would just not be right with out you guys. I hope we have seasons as far as 15. I can’t go a week without my dose of TAPS.

  37. I cant imagine,how HAUNTED, the person who cancels TAPS would be!!!!OHHH i dont think it would be pleasant!!! LOL…we love these guys and TAPS is a must see in our house!

  38. It’s great to have this confirmed. GH is an outstanding show and it’s only right it stays on the air for a while. It brings the best of entertainment, reality and personality to TV. I know good things can’t last forever, but there is no reason this can’t go on until the Taps crew is ready for it to end. Rock on! I am looking forward to September!

  39. I am estactic that they are still going strong!!!! I love these guys!! I have gotten so many people addicted to this show!!!! I love you guys!

  40. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW, It’s one of the few things that my husband and I set aside time to spend time TOGETHER and watch. Thanks TAPS for all your hard work!

  41. Yaaaay!! My most favorite show and guys are coming back. I never doubted for a moment that they wouldn’t be!!


  42. I’m so glad Ghost Hunters will be back for a 5th season. I own all their DVD’s and watch them over and over again when the show isn’t on the air. Hopefully things will continue and we’ll see even more seasons to come. Thanks to all the TAPS members for all you do.


  44. Fav show; so excited they are going strong! Funny investigators who are serious when it comes to their work.

  45. These ghost hunters are braver than I am. I respect what they do, and look forward to Season 4 on DVD!

  46. It’s the best show on tv! Thanx to Jason & Grant and the TAPS family, Paranormal Investigating has become a respectable field. Thanx for all the fun, also…Love Ya!


  48. I am looking forward to the next season. Way to go guys!

  49. I’ve met both jason and Grant on several occasions, they are both great guys. I can’t wait for more episodes.

  50. AWESOME….now we just need their radio show to return. i can’t live on re-runs forever!

  51. BOOYA!

  52. Lately it seems like all the great shows are getting cancelled. So nice to hear that, for a change, a fantastic show is getting renewed. Congrats to all at Ghost Hunters!

  53. Thank GAWD! I don’t know how i could survive the week without my GH fix. I’m absolutely addicted to this show and have been since season 1!!! keep it up guys, you definitely give the family a reason to spend sometime together midweek!

  54. Thank goodness we will have more new episodes of Ghost Hunters! I cant wait until the new season starts as I have been watching all the past seasons on DVD. Dont ever let this show be cancelled!

  55. SWEET! I love this show! It is so worth the watch. Thanks SCIFI

  56. I’m so happy. Ghost Hunters is my favorite show. I never miss it. I’m excited about the new episodes.

  57. KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah!!!! Now thats what we’re talkin about!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I love Ghost Hunters! I’m so glad it’s going to be on another season!

  59. GHI has some great shows but I am darn good and ready for a dose of Jason and Grant!! Without you 2, it’s not the same!! Counting down already for the new shows!! You’ve come a long way guys!! Keep up the good work—changing minds one at a time!! There are just too many fake shows out there. We need real people like Ghost Hunters!!

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