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Sh…sh…sh SHIA!!

Indiana Jones co-star Shia LaBeouf has been arrested for drink-driving after an early morning car accident in which he was injured, police said.

LaBeouf was the driver of a vehicle involved in a 3am collision on Saturday at a street intersection of La Brea and Fountain, in Hollywood, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Wolf said.

LaBeouf and his passenger were injured, as was the other driver. Wolf said the extent of the injuries are unknown at this time. LaBeouf is in surgery now for a hand injury and will delay his Transformer II movie by one month.

“It was immediately apparent to officers responding on the scene that LaBeouf was intoxicated and he was subsequently placed under arrest,” Wolf said.

LaBeouf has been working as an actor for 10 years, and starred on the Disney Channel show Even Stevens.

In recent years, LaBeouf has worked on action movies, with a star turn in last year’s blockbuster, Transformers, and a role opposite Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The arrest marks the second time in a year LaBeouf has been in trouble for public intoxication.

In November, LaBeouf was charged with misdemeanour criminal trespassing after a drunken tirade in a Chicago Walgreen drug store.

After the incident, LaBeouf told TV talk show host David Letterman: “Drinking and driving is one thing, but drinking and shopping … it’s just as bad.”

Prosecutors later dropped charges because Walgreen Co and a security company indicated they did not want to continue the case.

Messages left with two of LaBeouf’s publicists were not immediately returned, neither was a message left with lawyer Michael Norris, who has previously represented LaBeouf.

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