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Katherine Heigl – SHADES OF GREY?

Katherine Heigl is serious about being a movie and tv star….. however, the actress spoke recently about another aspect of her life — her Mormon faith.

“I’m not as disciplined about it was I once was, but I hope to find my way back as I get older and a little less selfish,” Katherine tells Britain’s Daily Mail. “I’m ashamed to say that I’ve just got very lazy about it. I satisfy my vices instead of fighting them.”

Katerine further explains, “If I start going back to church, I’d have to stop the smoking and drinking. And I wouldn’t be able to curse anymore.”

Katherine’s parents converted to Mormonism when she was seven years old, following the death of her 15-year-old brother Jason. She said the tragedy initially took a major toll on her family’s ability to function, but that they had faith and eventually pulled it together.

She may need to call upon that faith again as she takes the lead in a film adaptation of the best-selling memoir Escape. It’s the story of Carolyn Jessop, an 18-year-old forced to marry a man 30 years her senior in a Polygamist cult before eventually escaping with her eight children.

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