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Otep Shamaya – published poet

Frontwoman for the hard rock band, OTEP, Otep Shamaya is also a published poet.

She has written two books. ‘Caught Screaming’ and ‘Little Sins’.

CAUGHT SCREAMING includes poems, private illustrations, & a blank diary section at the end of the book for buyers to add their own thoughts, poems, dreams, rants, & raves.

LITTLE SINS: The (infamous) e-book *Little Sins* is now in proper book form! Once thought out of print – the first electronic collection of printed poems and illustrations has been transmutated into pages and ink! Includes tour poetry, color illustrations, tour photos and private collections, and much more! This is truly a collectors edition.


3 Responses to “Otep Shamaya – published poet”

  1. I love her music and what she stands for. She a constant source of inspiration no matter what she becomes involved with. I’ve personally seen her three times in concert in the past two years, and will continue to look forward to seeing her on stage.

  2. great combo. music talent and all else.

  3. ya i kno what u mean i write songs and poems all the time

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